Idiot’s Guides: Pilates

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Pilates is one of the healthiest activities you can do for your body with improvements in flexibility, posture, and strength, and decreases in back, neck, and joint pain. And, while more advanced Pilates requires the use of expensive machines (reformers) in a studio, a considerable amount of Pilates can be performed at home using only a mat, and a few simple props such as bands and balls.

Idiot’s Guides: Pilates is a beginner’s guide to Pilates at home. It teaches beginners the benefits of performing Pilates at home, and the right and wrong ways of performing Pilates routines. This beautiful, highly-visual guide uses color photos to teach readers loads of exercises, and gives them multiple routines that will help improve sports performance, or help eliminate chronic pain in the body.

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When the Tent Collapses: God’s Promises During Physical Suffering

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In When the Tent Collapses: God’s Promises During Physical Suffering, Linda Paden and Pastor Richard Langness use Scripture verses, meditations, personal struggles, real stories, and hymn stanzas to remind fellow christians they are not alone in striving. This resource points to Jesus Christ as the source of all comfort and hope. It is available for free download for personal and ministry use.

I see this being geared toward anyone who is suffering and desires to be comforted by God’s Word and fellow Christians. I would definitely recommend this book to encourage someone I know who is suffering, especially physically or mentally. The Gospel shines. This makes for a book that one could read over and over again. It’s so encouraging. -Alexandria Soderlund

I liked the use of scripture, hymns, and honesty. -Thomas Denton

My favorite chapter is “Home”. We all face death in our life, even our own. It is a subject we do not talk about. This chapter is very comforting. I loved the idea that our body is a tent and is temporary. God has so much for us in eternity! We get a glimpse of “Home”. -Barbara Bader

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