Life Coaching with a Neuro Linguistic Programming Specialty

Looking to grow in areas of your life? Consider trying life coaching. Life coaching helps you set goals for your personal growth and develop awareness of patterns of behavior with positive support. My hope as your Life Coach is to help you become more resilience through the use of coaching models, goals setting, and Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques (NLP). NLP means the information collected through our senses (neuro); the language or nonverbal systems (linguistic); and the patterns in our mind (programming).

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Initial Consult, Complimentary

50-Minute Coaching Session, $100

Contact me at to schedule your initial consult.


Monday to Friday
12noon to 4pm Pacific Time/
1pm to 5pm Mountain Time/
2pm to 6pm Central Time/
3pm to 7pm Eastern Time

Accepting clients located in the United States by appointment only.


I valued learning new tools. Though I’m also a trained coach it is amazing how much it helps to have someone else to talk with as a coach to move forward.

Linda’s systems were simple and reliable. Linda’s smile, energy, and positive outlook were welcoming and inviting.

I am Linda Paden, Life Coach.

I completed my certification in Life Coaching with a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner specialty in 2023. Life coaching operates with a unique set of presuppositions. A couple of my favorite presuppositions includes that everyone is unique with a view of the world to be respected and that everyone is doing the best they can with the resources they have. I believe that you are unique with a unique set of experiences to be appreciated and respected. As you create more resources for yourself, you can open yourself to new possibilities.

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