Online Pilates and Personal Training

Pilates instructors teach movements and principles developed by Joseph Pilates which are designed to bring balance to the body.

Personal trainers help their clients achieve their goals in areas like flexibility, strength, endurance, lifestyle, etc.

Combining Pilates and personal training into sessions provides options in achieving fitness goals.

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Accepting clients located in most areas of the United States. By appointment only.

Monday to Friday
12noon to 4pm Pacific Time/
1pm to 5pm Mountain Time/
2pm to 6pm Central Time/
3pm to 7pm Eastern Time

To schedule a fitness consultation, email me at


Initial Fitness Consult, Complimentary

50-Minute Training Session, $100

25-Minute Training Session, $50


I have been practicing Pilates for over 12 years. Early on, Linda was the instructor for a small studio where I was a member. Linda does a great job of explaining the proper moves and breathing techniques. She would help adapt a move, to suit an individual’s need or capability. She gave very personalized attention and instruction to each person. She is very knowledgeable.

I would credit Linda with really helping me understand Pilates and becoming a real enthusiast of the practice. My overall strength and health has benefited from this great workout. Give it a try, you won’t regret it!

“Linda, I would like to thank you for the opportunity I have to meet you and to have sessions with you! This experience is incredible and I cannot describe what difference it makes to work under your guidance. Your experience, expertise, and events in your life are treasured by me. I am so excited to see you soon again and witness changes in my body, mind, and spirit. You are Incredible Linda!! There are no words to describe your input in my well-being!! I appreciate you every day and am grateful for your hard work to make it possible for me!”

I am Linda Paden, Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor.

I have been a Pilates instructor since completing my 400-hour West Coast Pilates mat and equipment certification in 2004. My beginner Pilates mat book is called Idiot’s Guides: Pilates. I became a personal trainer and member of the National Federation of Professional Trainers in 2011. I have taught fitness and Pilates classes at college campuses, ballets, senior fitness centers, and Pilates studios. I currently offer custom, online personal training and Pilates sessions to those located in the United States.

(970) 480-7535