Virtual Energy & Movement Therapy

Sessions may include gentle movements, positioning, breathwork, mindful meditation, and distance energy work with the goals of achieving relaxation, self-awareness, and general well-being.

BreathworkMindfulnessMeditation Energy Work Movement

Session Cost

50-Minute Virtual Energy Session, $100

25-Minute Virtual Energy Session, $50

Accepting online clients in select states. Please let me know your location when you request an appointment.


Monday to Friday
12noon to 4pm Pacific Time/
1pm to 5pm Mountain Time/
2pm to 6pm Central Time/
3pm to 7pm Eastern Time

To schedule a session, email me at with your location and interest in virtual energy therapy.

I am Linda Paden, Energy Practitioner.

I completed my first energy therapy trainings, which included skills in distance energy work, back in 2004. To stay centered myself through life’s challenges, I practice various body and mind practices daily. I have done trainings in the best of these practices so I can share these simple and special tools with you in online sessions!

(970) 480-7535